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Badel 1862 is the largest and oldest wines and alcoholic beverages producer in Croatia, continuing and cultivating the rich tradition inherited from the renowned companies Pokorny, Patria, Arko and Badel Vinoprodukt by the quality of its products.

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Voćko 100% natural juices without added sugar, preservatives and dyes are available in three tastes: luscious orange juice, delicious apple juice, and exotic pineapple juice.

Domain: Beverages; Catégorie: Soft drinks

Višnjevac, novelty of Badel 1862 in the brand rakijas and liqueurs integrating best traditional Croatian products, produced from autochthonous sour cherry Maraska pure concentrated juice. Its ...

Domain: Beverages; Catégorie: Other alcoholic products

Badel Pelinkovac Orange is a mixture of famous Mediterranean aromatic herbs and the sweet, unforgettable native orange flavour. Badel Pelinkovac Orange is perfect for people willing to try something ...

Domain: Beverages; Catégorie: Other alcoholic products

Svatovski Kruškovac is a traditional liqueur served on weddings and it is also perfect in combination with Badel Stara Šljivovica – a cocktail especially popular in Germany and Austria. The harmony ...

Domain: Beverages; Catégorie: Other alcoholic products

Badel Prima Brand is produced by blending high quality wine distillates and selected top quality alcohol. Exactly that combination grants the crystal-clear golden brown colour and unique and ...

Domain: Beverages; Catégorie: Other alcoholic products

Badel Travarica is produced by a unique combination of aromatic herbs and selected wine distillate. Curative herbs Melisa, Salvia, Anise and Lavender are dominant in creating the outstanding flavour ...

Domain: Beverages; Catégorie: Other alcoholic products

"Croatian Grappa". Badel Komovica is Rakija produced from selected Benkovac region grape marc, traditionally distilled and nourished. Marc is the residue left over from winemaking after ...

Domain: Beverages; Catégorie: Other alcoholic products

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