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Un mouse cu nici un cablu care transmite semnale de infraroşu sau radio (RF) la un receptor de staţie de bază. Fără fir şoareci elimina cablul încurcarea asociate cu soiul cu fir. Tip infraroşu ...

Domain: Computer; Catégorie: Computer hardware

Quelques conventions gestuelles se sont répandues, y compris le glisser et déposer le geste, dans laquelle : l'utilisateur presses le bouton de la souris pendant que le curseur de la souris survole ...

Domain: Computer; Catégorie: Computer hardware

Ασύρματο ποντίκι που μεταδίδει υπέρυθρα σήματα ή ραδιοσήματα σε ένα βασικό δέκτη. Το ασύρματο ποντίκι λύνει όλα τα προβλήματα που σχετίζονται με τα καλώδια των ενσυρμάτων ποντικιών. Το ασύρματο ...

Domain: Computer; Catégorie: Computer hardware

It is a surface for placing and moving a computer mouse. A mousepad enhances the usability of the mouse compared to using a mouse directly on a table by providing a surface to allow the tracking LED ...

Domain: Computer; Catégorie: Computer hardware

A few gestural conventions have become widespread, including the drag and drop gesture, in which: The user presses the mouse button while the mouse cursor hovers over an interface object The user ...

Domain: Computer; Catégorie: Computer hardware

A laser mouse is a type of computer pointing device that uses a laser beam rather than a ball to track the movement of the user's hand. This type of mice are becoming increasingly common because ...

Domain: Computer; Catégorie: Computer hardware

A mouse with no cord that transmits infrared or radio signals (RF) to a base station receiver. Wireless mice eliminate the cord tangling associated with the corded variety. The infrared type requires ...

Domain: Computer; Catégorie: Computer hardware

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