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In this Halloween, the clown costume is the terrorific costume that you can wear. Why? Kids or Adults hate it. They can get scare or shock if they see a clown on the street or party. Meanwhile, other people wear this costume because they feel the pleasure to kill and also, no one will recognize it. This Clown costume has a Big and innocent SMILE who pretend to be your friend, but can do terrible things like these clown killers did in the past and present. So, what are you waiting for to wear the clown costume for this Halloween?

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After prison for years for a crime he did not commit, an innocent man out of prison as Mr. Jingles, determined to punish the guilty. So Mr. Jingles begins a bloody massacre by executing all those who ...

Domain: Entertainment; Catégorie: Movies

When a group of young people are lost and will result in a strange gas station where Captain Spaulding, a kind of clown and showman, has a small museum of horrors, just imagine that will go to the ...

Domain: Entertainment; Catégorie: Movies

In the small town of Port Emmett, 50 years ago, a circus full of clowns came to the city by train. When the train was passing over a bridge that crosses the city, the train crashed and then sank. The ...

Domain: Entertainment; Catégorie: Movies

Everything starts when Michael try to convene Killjoy, the diabolic clown. Killjoy is the revenge and bloody spirit. He wants to punish innocents and guilty. But Michael died in an accident, so when ...

Domain: Entertainment; Catégorie: Movies

The Joker is the famous villainous character of Batman stories. Probably the most sinister character image was the latest by the late Heath Ledger, who was able to bring a much more believable bad on ...

Domain: Entertainment; Catégorie: Movies

In early 1990, an evil clown character appeared in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). Doink the Clown was portrayed as a villain early in his career. This clown does cruel things, like kids pop ...

Domain: Entertainment; Catégorie: Circus

This movie is about an alcoholic depressive clown trying to be the star of a children's program whose habits and disordered life will put the things a little more difficult than normal. Written ...

Domain: Entertainment; Catégorie: Movies

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