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The sport of running, done in a cooler way.

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A Dash vault involves running at a wall or rail between waist and chest height and jumping legs first over the obstacle, planting your hands at the last second to push off. This vault is useful for ...

Domain: Sports; Catégorie: Unusual sports

A vault in which the top half of your body goes over the object, grasping something on the other side, where the rest of your body comes over in a motion similar to a handspring. A good vault for a ...

Domain: Sports; Catégorie: Unusual sports

Quadrupedal Movement is using all four of your limbs to move. It provides greater stability and often sets up for quicker or more powerful movement, especially when changing height quickly. An ...

Domain: Sports; Catégorie: Unusual sports

A Cat Leap is a jump to vertical or near vertical object where your feet absorb the impact before your hands catch the top. Cat leaps are often used to land on walls across a gap, as it is not ...

Domain: Sports; Catégorie: Unusual sports

An underbar is generally described as the passing between two objects, in which you jump, pass through the obstacles, and land on the other side. The most common situations to use an underbar include ...

Domain: Sports; Catégorie: Unusual sports

A tic-tac involves using an obstacle to "gain position" on another obstacle. For instance if you want to jump over a wall that is too high, but there is a bench you can jump to first, then you could ...

Domain: Sports; Catégorie: Unusual sports

The speed vault is one of the most efficient movements for clearing an obstacle between about waist and chest height. It is a vault where both legs go to one side, and a single hand is placed on the ...

Domain: Sports; Catégorie: Unusual sports

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