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Have you ever been dissatisfied with your life or have complained because of a disability condition that prevents you from doing things you’d like to do? Just be glad that you don’t have any of the rare conditions on this list.

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Often called "flesh eating bacteria" or "flesh eating disease", necrotizing fascitis is a rare infection of the deep layers of skin on a person's body. Actually, the term "flesh eating" is very ...

Domain: Health care; Catégorie: Diseases

Hypertrichosis, also called the "werewolf syndrome", is a rare disorder where an individual has hair all over his or her body. This is so rare that there have only been about 50 cases verified in ...

Domain: Health care; Catégorie: Diseases

A parasitic twin is similar to a Siamese or conjoined twin, but with a major difference. The cause is the same in that the twins never fully separated. The difference is that a parasitic twin is ...

Domain: Health care; Catégorie: Diseases

Elephantiasis is a disorder where there is a severe thickening in the skin that normally occurs in the limbs (particularly the legs) and genitals. An affected man's scrotum can be enlarge up to the ...

Domain: Health care; Catégorie: Diseases

Progeria s an extremely rare genetic condition that only happens in one out of every 8 million births. Often called the rapid aging disease, children with progeria have an average life span of only ...

Domain: Health care; Catégorie: Diseases

Often called "fish odor syndrome" or "fish malodor syndrome", trimethylaminuria is a metabolic disorder which makes an individual's breath, urine, and perspiration have a strong fish odor. Caused by ...

Domain: Health care; Catégorie: Diseases

Pica is an eating disorder in about 25% of all children. It is a disorder where a child craves non-food items such as glue or paste, dirt, clay, laundry starch, cigarette butts, dirt, clay, laundry ...

Domain: Health care; Catégorie: Diseases

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