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all about genres of video games

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Οι παίκτες ακολουθούν τη μουσική ή το ρυθμό της ένα μουσικό κομμάτι που παίζει. Η δυσκολία ενός τέτοιου παιχνιδιού έγκειται συχνά το ρυθμό και ο αριθμός των εισροών που πρέπει να εκτελούνται με ...

Domain: Video games; Catégorie: Rhythm games

Players follow the music or the rhythm of a musical piece playing. The difficulty of such a game often lies in the tempo and the number of inputs that must be successfully executed. Example: Cytus.

Domain: Video games; Catégorie: Rhythm games

Players take command of a team or an individual competing in a sport. Teamwork and team building are often the most important factors in a game like this, though solo sports often take just the skill ...

Domain: Video games; Catégorie: General gaming

As the name implies, racing games are where the player takes command of a vehicle and attempts to be the fastest one in the competition. May or may not be realistic. Example: Need for Speed.

Domain: Video games; Catégorie: General gaming

Simple gameplay that focuses on building structures that prevent invaders from reaching their goal. Players either build on the path or along the path, as obstructing the invaders directly may not be ...

Domain: Video games; Catégorie: Role playing games

A strategy game that indicates free-flowing action, wherein players must adjust their tactics relating to their opponents and the environment in real time and in rapidly shifting conditions. Example: ...

Domain: Video games; Catégorie: Real-time strategy

The 4 Xs stand for eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate. Players are given control of a large community of people and a large scale of time, on that of nations. Example: Civilization.

Domain: Video games; Catégorie: Role playing games

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