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League rules designed to prevent draft dashing and to minimize its impact. For example, some leagues institute draft dasher rules so when a team fails to submit a lineup one week, the owner is noted but is given a pass. If the owner fails to submit a lineup for a second week, the league commissioner or organizer starts that team's best lineup for the rest of the season. If that team needs a free agent addition to submit a full starting lineup due to byes or injuries, the league makes sure they get the player they need through the waiver wire. Ultimately, this rule is aimed at reducing the weeks that one league team gets an easy win because another owner can't start a full lineup which ruins the integrity and morale of the league when some teams make the playoffs due to draft dashers apathy. Another draft dasher rule is that an owner whose team has to be taken over by the league cannot come back the next year to ensure a true competition and not a walkover.

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League regler designet til at forhindre, at udkastet til flot og at minimere dets indvirkning. For eksempel, nogle ligaer institute udkast dasher regler så når et hold undlader at indsende en lineup én uge, ejeren bemærkes, men er givet en pass. Hvis ejeren undlader at indsende en kø til en anden uge, begynder league kommissær eller organizer at holdets bedste lineup for resten af sæsonen. Hvis holdet har brug for en fri agent tilføjelse til at indsende en fuld startopstilling byes eller skader, sørger ligaen for, at de får den spiller, de har brug for gennem waiver wire. I sidste ende, denne regel tager sigte på at reducere uger at en liga hold får en let sejr fordi en anden ejer ikke kan starte en fuld kø, som ruiner integritet og moralen i ligaen, når nogle hold gøre playoffs på grund af udkast dashers apati. Et andet udkast til dasher regel er at en ejer, hvis holdet har at blive overtaget af ligaen ikke kan komme tilbage næste år at sikre en reel konkurrence og ikke en walkover.

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