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Also known as "Aktibista." These are the students who are passionate in student-related issues. Disclaimer: These people don't always necessarily join in rallies.

Domain: Education; Category: Colleges & universities

Your family inside the university. Short for brothers and sisters, these people are the members of the organizations you join.

Domain: Education; Category: Colleges & universities

These are the people who were either probi in two consecutive semesters or failed more than three-quarters of their units during that semester. Readmission is still possible for these people.

Domain: Education; Category: Colleges & universities

Finalist are people who will have to come back to school for the finals week and take the finals exam.

Domain: Education; Category: Colleges & universities

These are the type of people who won't let your professor forget that you have an assignment to be passed on that day, but most of them are really more of the type who sacrifices their social life or ...

Domain: Education; Category: Colleges & universities

The week when people start to look like zombies, and when all projects are due and exams start to pop out, or are popping out everywhere.

Domain: Education; Category: Colleges & universities

It has other meanings but in the university life, this word means being a pain in the ass to someone else but in a joking manner. Usually how best friends behave when alone with each other.

Domain: Education; Category: Colleges & universities

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