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PCP, also known as angel dust or whack, is a shortened form of phenylcyclohexyl piperidine (the formal name for the drug called phencyclidine). It is a white crystalline powder which can be mixed ...

Domain: Health care; Catégorie: Psychiatry

Pain medication drugs are everyday and legal substances which are prescribed to people by their doctor or bought freely at pharmacies and other stores. However the legitimacy of these drugs does not ...

Domain: Health care; Catégorie: Psychiatry

Methadone is most commonly known as a medical treatment for heroin addiction. It is normally found as a swallowable liquid but also comes in injectable and tablet form. The effects are less potent ...

Domain: Health care; Catégorie: Psychiatry

Meow meow is a relatively "new" drug which was only classified as illegal in 2010 and is still quite freely available online as a plant fertiliser. It is a stimulant drug called ...

Domain: Health care; Catégorie: Psychiatry

LSD is short for Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, a hallucinogenic drug derived from a fungus. It causes powerful distortions in a user's perception of reality and produces vivid hallucinations which ...

Domain: Health care; Catégorie: Psychiatry

Ketamine is a short term anaesthetic which is normally used by vets, but is growing in use as a "date rape" and recreational drug. It can be slipped into drinks to dissolve undetectably, ...

Domain: Health care; Catégorie: Psychiatry

Inhalants are types of drugs or chemicals that are snorted or sniffed in order to get a buzz similar to the consumption of alcohol. Inhalant addiction is particularly common amongst young people and ...

Domain: Health care; Catégorie: Psychiatry

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